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PRP Lowered Seat Mount Kit for Can-Am Maverick X3

PRP's Lowered Seat Mounts for Can-Am X3 and X3 MAX allow you to install PRP seats into your vehicle. These mounts are designed to adapt the stock X3 seat slider rails, to the bottom of a PRP UTV Seat (with RZR 1000 frames). The mounts are lowered on the sides, and can be flipped to either raise or lower the seat height by approx 1 inch. The mounts also have a cutout that allows the SSV Works under-seat speaker kit to fit. The mounts re-use the stock bolts/nuts to adjust the slider rails, and hardware is included to connect the adapters to the seats.

  • Sold as a kit to fit a pair of seats.
  • *Note does not work with Composite Seat Mounts for Can-Am.
  • Please purchase Composite Seat Mount for Can-Am x3
  • *Fits
  • PRP UTV Seats with RZR 1000 Seat Frames.
  • Mount PRP seats into your Can-Am Maverick X3 or X3 MAX
  • Includes 2 seat mounts and hardware
  • Retains all seat adjustment functions
  • Bolts directly to the stock slider
  • Still works with SSV Works Under Seat Kit
  • Allows for lowering or raising overall seat by 1"
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